Any Operating System with Java Runtime Environment (1.6 or later) installed.
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Tested with Windows XP SP2 and Linux Ubuntu 10.04.1 .


Install Java Runtime Environment (version 1.6 or later).
Run the tool either by double clicking in the jar file (jfsplit-1_0_1-jar.jar) or via command line using the command : java -jar jfsplit-1_0_1-jar.jar The tool is portable, so there is no need to install this tool. This can be run from any directory and uninstalled by just deleting that directory.


File Splitter

The file splitter in JFSplit includes many features includes :

  • Splitting of large files.
  • Faster file splitting.
  • Splitting files into specified size.
  • Splitting files into specified number of files.
  • Skipping of files during splitting process, that is splitting only specified number of files from the first or last. This feature enables us to stop a splitting process before completion and the remaining files can be generated later (not needed to repeat splitting from the starting), this will be useful in case of splitting large files.

File Joiner

The file joiner in JFSplit includes the following features :

  • Faster file joining.
  • Automatic joining of files, that is this type of joining only needs any of the split file and the other parts of split files residing in the same directory are automatically found.
  • Automatic joining also supports .001, .002, ... files.
  • Manual joining can be used to join files of any format in the desired order.

Checksum Calculator

The checksum calculator in JFSplit can be used to calculate CRC-32 Checksum of files.

Screen shots

File SplitterFile Splitter
File Splitter in LinuxFile Splitter - Linux
File JoinerFile Joiner
File JoinerFile Joiner
Checksum CalculatorChecksum Calculator
Checksum CalculatorChecksum Calculator

License & Credits

JFSplit was created and written by Suhaib Khan in Java. JFSplit uses MiGLayout, which is an Open Source Java Layout Manager used to layout GUI components. JFSplit is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 3 or above.